Ian Wee

Ian, a medical doctor and PhD candidate, embodies the spirit of a true champion. From engaging in soccer, badminton, and karate in his early days to representing Singapore in Olympic weightlifting, Ian's athletic journey is truly inspirational.

His passion for fitness took a new turn when he discovered CrossFit. Winning the CrossFit Games Open in Singapore for two consecutive years, Ian qualified for the prestigious international CrossFit Games in 2019 and 2020, becoming the first and only Singaporean male to compete at this level, marking a significant milestone in the nation's sports history.

After a brief hiatus to focus on his medical career and surgical training, Ian made a triumphant return to CrossFit, winning the 2024 CrossFit Games Open in Singapore once again. This year, Ian reached another milestone by participating in the CrossFit Semifinals, becoming the first Singaporean man to compete in the Individual Men’s category at this level.

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