Andre Yeo

Andre is a Financial Consultant who loves to workout. He lives by the tagline “RISE AND GRIND!”. To him, everyday is a new day for us to rise and in the grind for the things that matter to us and those who matter to us. He believes exercising allows him to operate at his best even in other areas of his life. 

Since a young age, he’s been very active— playing football. rugby, and working out at the gym. He discovered CrossFit at CrossFit Kampung in 2020, and he found himself enjoying it a lot. The adrenaline it causes excites him a lot, with the inner voice in his head during workouts making him a stronger person physically and mentally. 

He participated in Weightlifting competitions in the past 2 years to give it a shot. Now, he is focused on maintaining fitness through CrossFit and working on his mobility.

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